Whitney Houston Hologram Is On The Loose

Whitney Houston Hologram Is On The Loose

There’s a rogue Whitney Houston hologram on the loose. Hologram USA, the company behind the infamous Tupac and Michael Jackson holograms, worked on a Whitney hologram a few years back. The plan was for Hologram Whitney to duet with non-hologram Christina Aguilera on the 2016 season finale of The Voice, but Houston’s estate pulled the plug at the last minute because the hologram “didn’t look like Whitney.” Last year, Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager Pat Houston announced that the estate was partnering with a different hologram company for a new hologram tour. But hell hath no fury like a hologram scorned, and now the first hologram is back with a vengeance.

It turns out that Alki David, the Greek billionaire and Chief Keef associate who runs Hologram USA and FilmOn, has been continuing to tinker with the original scrapped Whitney hologram in secret. Sources close to him tell TMZ that he “went back and retooled the hologram’s image to make sure it was just right.” And a little over a week ago, he debuted the new and improved Holo-Whitney in a variety show hosted by producer Scott Storch on his FilmOn TV network, featuring hologram performances and cameos from Jackie Wilson, Billie Holiday, Tupac, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Chief Keef, and more.

The only problem? Whitney’s estate had no idea that any of this was happening, and they’re not too thrilled about it. According to TMZ, Alki David didn’t think he needed a green light from them because “it’s his work and he feels he had the right to pick up the baton again.” Whitney’s estate, however, feels differently — shocking! — and are reportedly considering their legal options. Perhaps they should invest in a hologram lawyer?

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