Viral Fleetwood Mac Skater Willing To Collab With Travis Scott, Drinks 64 Oz. Ocean Sprays For The Value

Idaho skateboarder Nathan Apodaca, better known as @420doggface208 gave the world a precious gift last month: an extremely pure viral video in which he rides around, drinks straight from a big-ass bottle of Cran-Raspberry Ocean Spray, and vibes out to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

The video has already become a gift that keeps on giving. Sales of “Dreams” have tripled, and Fleetwood Mac have shot up the iTunes and Spotify charts. Fleetwood Mac tweeted their appreciation, and Mick Fleetwood made his own version of the infamous TikTok.

And Doggface himself is reaping some rewards, too. A rep from Ocean Spray showed up at Apodaca’s trailer yesterday to give him a new truck full of cranberry juice. Donations have been pouring in. And there have even been rumors that Travis Scott has asked him to collab.

Doggface addresses those rumors in a new chat with TMZ. “I just heard somebody say on a comment or something that Travis Scott would want it … It’s just something that I heard in a comment and something that I’d be down with, you know what I mean?” he says.

Let’s make it happen! If McDonald’s can do it, so can this guy! And in the same TMZ Live, Doggface also explains why he drinks 64 oz. Ocean Spray: “It’s more bang for your buck. Not only that, when I get those little bottles, they’re gone in two gulps. So I’d rather chill with one big one.”