Sinai Vessel – “Shameplant”

Sinai Vessel – “Shameplant”

A couple weeks ago, Sinai Vessel announced a new album, Ground Aswim, the follow-up to 2017’s Brokenlegged. We’ve heard “Guest In Your Life” from it already and today Caleb Cordes is putting out another new track, “Shameplant,” which channels some Narrow Stairs era Death Cab For Cutie into a song about disconnection and never feeling fully committed: “I could love you with every part of me/ But there’s a part of me that’s been taught that there’s no consequence,” Cordes sings on it.

He said the song is “one of several songs on the record written in hopes of taking an unsavory quality of mine to task,” continuing:

This one is particularly about an imbalance of intentionality and emotional labor in my relationships — an imbalance that, as a cisgender man, I’d long been socialized to not notice, and had been complicit in perpetuating. It’s about realizing that growth and growing up requires action, and that accounting for ways I could do better is a continual practice — much like the “gardening” that takes place in the song.

Listen below.

Ground Aswim is out 10/30. Pre-order it here.

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