John Mulaney Explains Why Julian Casablancas Gave Him This Jacket

John Mulaney Explains Why Julian Casablancas Gave Him This Jacket

John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live on Halloween over the weekend, and the Strokes were the episode’s musical guests. When Mulaney went on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, he wore the same coat that Julian Casablancas wore on stage on SNL on Saturday, explaining that the Strokes frontman gave it to him as a post-show gift.

“When we were shooting promos he had on a really cool Knicks jacket,” Mulaney recalled. “I said ‘That’s a cool jacket, I gotta get that jacket.’ You know rock stars have clothes like, you’re like, ‘I’m never in my life going to see those clothes. I’m never going to walk into the store where they sell the clothes.’ So I said that out loud thinking maybe he’d tell me where I’d get the jacket.”

“That didn’t happen, that’s alright,” Mulaney continued. “So then after the show he came into my dressing room, he’s like, ‘So you wanted jackets.’ He gave me this one and he gave me a leather jacket … This is like, there’s nothing I can do with this. But I enjoy it so much. It’s so meant for like, a lead singer.”

Mulaney also ended up with a pair of Casablancas’ sunglasses: “I got home and I was looking in the pockets and I found these [sunglasses], so I texted him a photo. I said ‘Hey, you left these, do you want me to have someone drop them off?’ You know rock stars, they’re very meticulous. He went ‘You keep ‘em, man.’ So I just looked in the mirror. Saturday night, just came home, so thrilled with the show, so happy to be back here, and then to come down I just stood and stared at myself in the mirror. I was so happy.”

“You should get a coat and the glasses,” Mulaney concluded. “And then people aren’t gonna be like, ‘How old are you?’ you know? They’re gonna be like, ‘What led you to this? What do you do?'” Watch Mulaney’s Late Show interview below.

Here’s the coat in action with Julian Casablancas on Saturday:

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