Stream Your Old Droog’s New Album Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition

Stream Your Old Droog’s New Album Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition

Last year, the Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog released three albums. This year, he’s made just one. Today, Droog releases his new LP Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition. Where Jewelry, Droog’s last album, was full of references to the rapper’s Jewish heritage, the new album gets into Droog’s identity as a Ukrainian-born immigrant. It also has a lot of really, really good rapping.

Droog is a New York rap classicist with a husky voice and a gift for unexpected turns of phrase. He always sounds truly Brooklyn, and he does a lot of work with his underground-rap peers. Droog’s friend Mach-Hommy served as executive producer of Dump YOD, while Tha God Fahim mixed it. We’ve already posted early tracks “Kyrgyzstan” and “Pravda,” and the latter has verses from Mach-Hommy, Tha God Fahim, El-P, and Black Thought. The album also has appearances from Phonte and billy woods.

But Dump YOD is also a personal album that nobody else could’ve made. Many of the instrumentals sound like they were sampled from Eastern European folk music. Droog raps one entire song in Russian. Dump YOD isn’t exactly a concept album. It’s more of a strong indie-rap album made from a very particular perspective. Stream it below.

Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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