Grimes Changes Miss Anthropocene Cover Art

Grimes Changes Miss Anthropocene Cover Art

Grimes’ Miss Anthropocene feels like it came out a billion years ago, but it was actually released in February. And now, eight months later, as The Fader reports, she’s decided to change the album’s cover art to a painting that she commissioned from the artist Rupid Leejm. The artwork has already been swapped out on all streaming services, and Miss Anthropocene‘s deluxe edition features an edited version of the same image.

In an Instagram post from April, Grimes explained that the painting was originally intended to be the album’s cover art. “I polled a bunch of ppl and everyone said not to use it (??) but I wish I trusted my gut,” she wrote. “I fucking LOVE this painting. Maybe there’s a way to utilize it still.”

“Normally I draw the covers myself I just wasn’t feeling it for miss A after like ten failed album covers,” she added. “Ps I love what we did w Ryder and Gmunk. Not hating on that just wish I’d even kept this as the illustration in the program maybe instead of my drawing which.. is fine but not blowing my mind haha.”

Grimes voices a character in the new video game Cyberpunk 2077 and contributed an original song, “Delicate Weapon,” to the soundtrack. “weirdly this song is rly old haha like I met the cyberpunk ppl and started this all like 2 years ago so welcome to a weird 2018 time capsule,” she wrote in another Instagram post. Also, she still likes “butter toast.”

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