Rod Wave – “Street Runner”

Rod Wave – “Street Runner”

In the past year and a half, the rap-adjacent Florida singer Rod Wave has become a huge star. On the albums Ghetto Gospel and Pray 4 Love, Rod Wave perfected his approach: Sad, bluesy, tender songs sung over trap beats. Rod Wave has been through some calamities since he came to fame, like the car crash documented on the single “Through The Wire” or the stage-collapse at the show that shouldn’t have been happening during a pandemic in the first place. But none of that has dimmed Rod Wave’s star, and now he’s getting ready to release a new album.

It would be a bit weird, maybe, if the now-massively-successful Rod Wave came back after Pray 4 Love singing about how sad he still is. (Successful people can still be sad, but it’s not always something that the world wants to hear.) On his new single “Street Runner,” heh finds a new tone — a happy, bittersweet feeling. The track samples “Mixed Signals,” a 2017 track from the singer-songwriter Ruth B, and it finds Rod Wave crooning about achieving his dreams but still missing someone. The song ends with a long and presumably-genuine voicemail message that makes it clear someone is missing him, too.

The “Street Runner” video is mostly footage of Rod Wave flying around in private jets and being successful, but it opens with a note to fans apologizing for any delays. Given that Pray 4 Love isn’t even a year old, I don’t think anyone’s too mad. The next Rod Wave album is called SoulFly. (Despite the title, I don’t think the album will be too influenced by Max Cavalera’s post-Sepultura nü-metal band. That doesn’t seem to be what Rod Wave is going for here.) The album will arrive later this month, and other than a lone Polo G feature, it’s all Rod Wave. Check out “Street Runner” below.

SoulFly is out 3/26 on Alamo Records.

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