Sleater-Kinney – “Method”

Sleater-Kinney – “Method”

Later this week, the great indie rock institution Sleater-Kinney will release their new album Path Of Wellness, their first since becoming a de facto duo after the departure of longtime drummer Janet Weiss. We don’t really know how that will sound! Judging by the early singles, though, the album marks a sort of retrenchment. After experimenting with glimmering keyboards and glammy textures on 2019’s The Center Won’t Hold, Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, producing themselves for the first time, are going back to a relatively low-key and less punk-inspired take on the homespun indie rock of their early records.

We’ve already heard the early singles “Worry With You” and “High In The Grass,” and now Sleater-Kinney have shared the new track “Method.” It’s a full-on Carrie Brownstein song, with Brownstein unleashing guitar solos and singing in her swaggering hiccup. The song could work as power-pop, but Sleater-Kinney present it as more of a mellow, easy rocker. When Sleater-Kinney tour with Wilco this summer, a song like this won’t sound remotely out of place.

Lyrically, “Method” is a love song — Brownstein literally sings, “It’s a love song” a bunch of times — but it’s also a song about the difficulty of communicating affection: “I’m sorry, I’m singing about love/ And it sounds like hate.” Check it out below.

Path Of Wellness is out 6/11 on Mom + Pop.

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