Wolves In The Throne Room – “Primal Chasm (Gift Of Fire)”

Wolves In The Throne Room – “Primal Chasm (Gift Of Fire)”

Later this month, the Pacific Northwest black metal wanderers Wolves In The Throne Room will follow up 2017’s Thrice Woven with their new album Primordial Arcana. I have heard it, and it kicks vast amounts of ass. Thus far, Wolves In The Throne Room have already shared the early singles “Mountain Magick” and “Spirit Of Lightning.” Today, they’ve shared a third song, the excellently titled “Primal Chasm (Gift Of Fire).”

“Primal Chasm (Gift Of Fire)” clocks in at a relatively brisk four and a half minutes, and it’s about as straightforward as this band ever gets. The song works as a direct, hard-stomping rocker with a whole lot of searing riffage. The lyrics are awestruck poetry about, I think, a volcano opening up and swallowing a glacier. As with the last two singles, this song has an extremely cool video made by the band members themselves. This time around, they rock out on a beach at sunset, looking like cavemen, and we also get some shots of a blacksmith forging a sword. It’s cinematic as all hell.

In a press release, the band says:

“Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire)” is an explosion of cosmic grandeur, a symphonic rendering of the hermetic maxim “As above, so below.” The lyrics are a dreamtime retelling of creation. The act of the universe creating itself comes from the same impulse — it all springs from the same source, the same union of fire and ice. It’s the interplay between polarized opposites, and it’s from their contradiction and chaos that life happens and music and the planets are created.

Hell yeah. Here’s the video:

Primordial Arcana is out 8/20 on Relapse. Pre-order it here.

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