Bitter Branches – “Along Came A Bastard” & “Fraudulent”

Bitter Branches – “Along Came A Bastard” & “Fraudulent”

Next month, Deadguy will play their first live show in 24 years. The New Jersey hardcore/noise-rock band broke up in 1997 after releasing just one album, 1995’s misanthropic masterpiece Fixation On A Coworker. Deadguy’s first reunion show is scheduled for the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia in late September, and they’ll also play the LA version of the same festival later this year. But as Deadguy rumbles back to life, the newest project from infamously intense frontman is continuing to make noise, too.

These days, Singer leads a new band called Bitter Branches, and they released a seriously heavy debut EP called This May Hurt A Bit last year. Today, Bitter Branches have once again come out blasting on a new two-song single. Deadguy might be rooted in the hardcore world, but the new joints “Along Came A Bastard” and “Fraudulent” call directly back to the disgusting churn of Amphetamine Reptile Records and the various ’90s noise-rock miscreants that surrounded the label. These joints are ugly, and if you’re into present-day bands like Pissed Jeans, then they will hit the spot.

Talking about “Along Came A Bastard,” Bitter Branches say:

We need to flip the premise. Instead of talking about “bad apples,” we need to come at it from the angle of “we are only as good as our worst actors.” That’s the only path to change. If you join a shitty organization with shitty practices, you are now part of the problem, no matter how nice of a guy you might be.

Check out both new songs below.

“Along Came A Bastard” b/w “Fraudulent” is out now on Equal Vision Records.

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