Katie Dey – “unfurl” & “real love”

Katie Dey – “unfurl” & “real love”

Katie Dey, the experimental bedroom-pop mastermind from Melbourne, has kept busy since the 2020 release of her great album mydata. She’s teamed up with Black Dresses’ Devi McCallion on the collaborative album Magic Fire Brain, she’s released a remix LP, and she’s covered Laugh & Peace’s “In The Sky.” Today, Dey has announced that she’s got a new album called forever music and that it’ll be coming out next week.

Dey recorded forever music entirely on her own, and she’s releasing it on her own, without the help of a label. At least at first, forever music will be a Bandcamp exclusive, though Dey says in a press release that “it may be released on streaming services in the future if i feel like it.” Here’s how Dey describes the record:

forever music is about the eternal power of music and genuine love between women.
its about staying alive as long as possible, in defiance against all odds,
through life-threatening sickness in world made to hurt u,
doing what little things possible to care for the people you love the most.

i think it’s the most vulnerable and straightforward music i’ve ever made.
my voice is frequently unfiltered and dry and i tried to keep the songwriting and production as efficient and minimal as possible.
i was inspired by musicians including but not limited to : tori amos, utada hikaru, prince, ryuichi sakamoto, regina spektor, jpegmafia, & hatsune miku.
it was written / performed / produced / mixed / mastered by me at my home in melbourne australia.

Dey has shared the first two songs from the album, “unfurl” and “real love.” they’re both lovely examples of idiosyncratic, low-budget pop music. Dey has also made a video for “real love,” a sad elegy for a dangerous relationship. Check out both songs below.

The self-released forever music is out 1/28, and you can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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