Obongjayar – “Try”

Obongjayar – “Try”

The Nigerian-born London singer Obongjayar doesn’t have any one particular style or genre. Instead, he’s a free-floating specter who brings a sort of ghostly gravitas to everything he does. Obongjayar is a prolific collaborator. He’s made memorable tracks with people like Little Simz and Pa Salieu recently, and he teamed up with Afrobeats producer Sarz on the collaborative EP Sweetness last year. But now, Obongjayar is heading out on his own. This spring, he’ll release his long-awaited debut album Some Nights I Dream Of Doors.

Some Nights I Dream Of Doors promises to cross a lot of aesthetic boundaries, and it features London jazz bandleader Nubya Garcia on one track. The album also includes “Message In A Hammer,” the single that Obongjayar released last year, and the new song “Try.”

Obongjayar co-wrote album opener “Try” with producer Barney Lister. The song has a simple, direct melody and a beautifully bittersweet vocal from Obongjayar. It’s about staring down a hostile, uncertain future and doing your best to thrive anyway. Lister surrounds Obongjayar’s voice with horns and drums, but all of that sometimes drops away to let that voice dominate. Director Spencer Young‘s striking video is full of theatrical lighting and modern-dance poses, and it’s got an adorable little kid playing Obongjayar’s inner child. Below, check out the “Try” video and the Some Nights I Dream Of Doors tracklist.

01 “Try”
02 “Message In A Hammer”
03 “Parasite”
04 “Some Nights I Dream Of Doors”
05 “Wrong For It” (Feat. Nubya Garcia)
06 “Sugar”
07 “My Life Can Change Today (Interlude)”
08 “New Man”
09 “All The Difference”
10 “Tinko Tinko (Don’t Play Me for A Fool)”
11 “I Wish It Was Me”
12 “Wind Sailor”

Some Nights I Dream Of Doors is out 5/13 on September Recordings.

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