Daphni – “Cloudy”

Daphni – “Cloudy”

When Dan Snaith isn’t busy as the mastermind behind Caribou, he makes straight-up dance music under his alter-ego Daphni. Often Snaith will play festivals with both Caribou and Daphni — doing a traditional show with his band and then DJ’ing under his other identity. Last month, Snaith released the new Daphni single “Cherry,” the first new music from that project since the 2019 EP Sizzling. It wasn’t a one-off.

This fall, Daphni will release the new album Cherry; it’s be the first full-length Daphni project since 2017’s Joli Mai. The album will feature the single “Cherry,” and it’ll also include the new track “Cloudy,” which just came out today. It’s a sparse, precise seven-minute dance track. The song has a contemplative piano and a bunch of chopped-up samples of what sounds like conversational vocals, but it’s driven by a funky and propulsive bassline, so it still works as dance music. Below, listen to “Cloudy” and check out the Cherry tracklist.

01 “Arrow”
02 “Cherry”
03 “Always There”
04 “Crimson”
05 “Arp Blocks”
06 “Falling”
07 “Mania”
08 “Take Two”
09 “Mona”
10 “Clavicle”
11 “Cloudy”
12 “Karplus”
13 “Amber”
14 “Fly Away”

Cherry is out 10/7 on Jiaolong, and you can pre-order it here.

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