Watch Sudan Archives Make Her Thrilling TV Debut On Colbert

Watch Sudan Archives Make Her Thrilling TV Debut On Colbert

Sudan Archives has been putting out music for about five years now, and she just released her excellent new album Natural Brown Prom Queen. That new record has been getting across-the-board raves, and now Sudan Archives has reached the point where she’s getting booked on late-night TV. You can just tell she’s been waiting for this moment. Last night, Sudan Archives was the musical guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, and she put on a performance that must’ve been percolating in her head for a long time. People are going to remember this one.

On Colbert, Sudan Archives performed the recent single “Selfish Soul.” She shared her stage with three backup singers and a bassist, and the whole visual presentation was fully thought-out; everyone’s all-black stage outfits make for striking imagery. Sudan Archives had her violin built into her black-leather minidress thing, and she sang, rapped, danced, and played violin with a fluid sense of joy. When it was all over, the studio audience gave her a standing ovation, and they didn’t even really had a choice. If you see this performance, you know you’re watching something special. See it below.

Natural Brown Prom Queen is out now on Stones Throw.

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