Stream Boldy James & Cuns’ New Album Be That As It May

Stream Boldy James & Cuns’ New Album Be That As It May

Do you ever get mad at Boldy James? Are you ever like “please don’t release another quietly amazing underground rap album before I’ve had time to process the last two”? This is a purely hypothetical question. I’m certainly not saying that I’m mad at Boldy James. That would be ridiculous. I’ll take all the quietly amazing underground rap albums he can give me. And he can give me a lot of them.

Thus far in 2022, Boldy James has released full-album collaborations with Real Bad Man, Nicholas Craven, and Futurewave. Today, we get another one. On his latest full-length, Boldy has forged an alliance with the Romans. Or he’s forged an alliance with one Roman, anyway: An Italian beatmaker and indie-label owner with the slightly unfortunate name Cuns.

Just one week ago, Boldy James and Cuns announced their new album Be That As It May and released the early single “Footprints.” Just seven days later, Be That As It May is out in the world. The album has a few guests, but I’ve never heard of any of them. That’s fine. It sounds like a Boldy James album, and a new Boldy James album is always a good thing. Stream it below.

Be That As It May is out now on Tuff Kong Records.

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