Lisel – “One At A Time”

Lisel – “One At A Time”

For the past few years, Pavo Pavo’s Eliza Bagg has been releasing tenuous, experimental electronic music under the name Lisel. Her debut album, Angels On The Slope, came out in 2019; that was followed by some stray collaborative singles with Ben Babbitt and Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere and Mycelial Echo, a whole collaborative album with Booker Stardrum.

Today, she’s announcing a new album called Patterns For Auto-Tuned Voices And Delay. “I developed a vocal processing system that allowed me to change the idea of what my instrument is,” Bagg noted in a press release. “I rely on my body as an object and resonant instrument. Now, what begins inside my body and continues on the computer is one process, and the ideas that result from it are my instrument.” Lead single “One At A Time” puts that vocal processing system to work, as Bagg’s voice overlaps and loops around itself to hypnotic ends.

Watch a video for the song below.

01 “INTRO: Liturgy”
02 “One At A Time”
03 “Stalactite”
04 “Wingspan”
05 “Immature”
06 “Blades Of Grass”
07 “Plainsong”
08 “Polyphony For Voices”
09 “At The Fair”
10 “Rising Mist”
11 “Whirlpool”

Patterns For Auto-Tuned Voices And Delay is out 2/17 via Ba Da Bing Records. Pre-order it here.

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