Tied Down Detroit Lineup Has Gorilla Biscuits, Trapped Under Ice, A Whole Lot Of Hardcore

Tied Down Detroit Lineup Has Gorilla Biscuits, Trapped Under Ice, A Whole Lot Of Hardcore

This past weekend was Florida’s FYA Fest, one of the biggest annual events on the hardcore calendar. It looks like it was nuts, and those of us who weren’t there are watching those videos with a real sense of FOMO. Later this year, people will get another chance at large-scale mosh mayhem. Last year, the Detroit festival Tied Down brought an insane lineup — Trash Talk, Fiddlehead, Jesus Piece, Mindforce, a lot of others — to a DIY venue. Later this year, Tied Down will return, and it’ll be bigger than last year.

This year’s Tied Down fest is expanding to two days, and it’s got two returning legends as its headliners. Gorilla Biscuits, the late-’80s heroes of NYHC, are coming back for a quick tour in March, and they’ll apparently stick around long enough to headline one day of Tied Down. Trapped Under Ice, the monstrous Baltimore band who only comes back once every few years, will headline the other. (TUI, whose drummer is Turnstile frontman Brendan Yates, are also playing a few big shows later this month.) Detroit hardcore originators Negative Approach, the band who gave Tied Down its name, will also play.

Beyond a few legendary acts, though, the Tied Down lineup is full of very current hardcore bands. Present-day Detroit torch-bearers Never Ending Game will play, as will many of the other giants on the present-day hardcore circuit: Drain, Drug Church, God’s Hate, Harms Way, Incendiary, Buggin, Deadbody, End It, Gag, Gel, Gridiron, King Nine, Magnitude, Pain Of Truth, Raw Brigade, Spy, True Love, Warfare. And then there’s Lil Ugly Mane, the mysterious Richmond quasi-rapper who doesn’t play live very often. That is a stacked lineup. Pain Of Truth don’t have an album out, but after FYA, it feels wild to see them that low on a poster. If you haven’t seen it, here’s Pain Of Truth playing “The Test” at FYA:

So yeah, this looks like a good time. Tied Down is happening 6/3-4 at Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center. You can find all the relevant details here.

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