Caroline Rose – “The Doldrums”

Caroline Rose – “The Doldrums”

Next month, Caroline Rose will release new album The Art Of Forgetting. The onetime Artist To Watch already shared album singles “Love / Lover / Friend” and “Miami,” and now Rose is unveiling another track: “The Doldrums.”

“‘The Doldrums’ was the song I wrote when I was realizing I had basically no understanding of self-compassion,” says Rose of her latest, which starts slowly before breaking into a harp-tinged gallop. “Itʼs about the voice inside my head that blames me for everything thatʼs ever gone wrong, mostly things out of my control. My idea of rebirth and reformation at the time was killing off my old self and finding a new one, rather than simply being kind to myself…Not because I didnʼt want to be, but because I didnʼt really know how.”

Listen to “The Doldrums” below.

The Art Of Forgetting is out 3/24 via New West Records.

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