Watch Kelly Clarkson Sing The Bejesus Out Of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”

Watch Kelly Clarkson Sing The Bejesus Out Of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”

Mazzy Star’s 1993 hymn “Fade Into You” might be the single greatest alt-rock love song of the ’90s. In recent years, “Fade Into You” has become a kind of standard, and lots of people have covered it: J Mascis, Perfume Genius, Bully, Miley Cyrus, American Football. Still, I never really considered the possibility of “Fade Into You” getting the Kelly Clarkson treatment until it actually happened.

Kelly Clarkson has been covering a whole lot of alt-rock songs, as well as a whole lot of other songs, on her daytime talk show; just recently, she’s taken on Blink-182, the Offspring, and Arctic Monkeys. Clarkson is a powerful singer, and “Fade Into You” is not a power ballad. (It’s just a plain ballad. No power.) But Clarkson knows how to hold back.

While her band faithfully recreated Mazzy Star’s sound on today’s show, Kelly Clarkson sang the song with sensitive grace. She went bigger with “Fade Into You” than Hope Sandoval, but she never went so big that she overwhelmed the song. I’m just sad that The Kelly Clarkson Show didn’t broadcast that cover in scratchy black-and-white. Below, watch the Kelly Clarkson cover of “Fade Into You” and the original Mazzy Star video.

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