Watch Members Of God’s Hate, Harm’s Way, & Regulate Cover AFI’s “The Leaving Song, Pt. II”

Watch Members Of God’s Hate, Harm’s Way, & Regulate Cover AFI’s “The Leaving Song, Pt. II”

This coming Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of AFI’s arena-sized goth-punk opus Sing The Sorrow. AFI are marking that moment with a one-time-only celebration the big day; they’re playing Sing The Sorrow in full at LA’s Kia Forum on Saturday, and they say it’ll be the first and last time they ever do that. Jawbreaker, Chelsea Wolfe, and Choir Boy are opening. It’s a big deal! Meanwhile, the great video series Two Minutes To Late Night is marking the occasion with a new all-star cover of the Sing The Sorrow epic “The Leaving Song, Pt. II.”

In the hardcore world, “The Leaving Song, Pt. II” is remembered as the AFI joint with the moshing in the video. Legend has it that AFI flew out a team of Philly moshers and then pumped in Hatebreed music, rather than the actual AFI song, to encourage full slow-mo spinkicking insanity. In the Two Minutes To Late Night video, series mastermind Jordan Olds, in his Gwarsenio Hall, guise, is joined by a trio of present-day mosh-music all-stars: Sebastian Paba of Regulate on vocals, Bo Lueders of Harm’s Way on bass, and Colin Young God’s Hate on drums. (Colin Young is in a whole bunch of bands, but you’re probably more likely to know him for God’s Hate than for anything else right now.)

The Two Minutes To Late Night cover speeds up “The Leaving Song, Pt. II” a bit and makes it slightly heavier — more likely to inspire actual moshing like what’s happening in that video. Sebastian Paba is one of the few hardcore frontmen who can really hit those Davey Havok notes. Bo Lueders and Colin Young, I should mention, are also the hosts of Hardlore, a deeply entertaining podcast where they talk to various hardcore and metal luminaries, usually about moshing and fast food. Below, watch the Two Minutes To Late Night cover and the original AFI video.

Check out the Two Minutes To Late Night website here. In other God’s Hate news, frontman Brody King is now one of the AEW Trios Champions. King is a member of the House Of Black, and they beat the Elite for the titles in a banger of a match at AEW Revolution last night.

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