NOIA – “verano adentro”

NOIA – “verano adentro”

In a few weeks, NOIA is releasing her full-length debut, gisela, which comes after a few years worth of impressive EPs. We’ve heard “eclipse de amor” and “didn’t know” from it already, which respectively featured Buscabulla and Ela Minus, and today she’s back with another single, the clinking, subte burble “verano adentro,” which NOIA said is a song about a suspended feeling of quiet and peace, about those small moments when no one can take away your joy or your feeling at peace with the world.” She continued:

The song is also a small ode to the rooftops of Barcelona. laying in the sun near the laundry drying. To me the beat feels a bit deconstructed, half done, and somehow it has a woody texture. I hope that the song brings a bit of warmth, the kind of warmth that a mid afternoon ray of sun coming through the window feels when you’re taking a nap on a winter day.

Watch a video for it below.

gisela is out 3/31 via Cascine.

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