Watch Steph Curry Join Paramore To Sing “Misery Business” In San Francisco

Watch Steph Curry Join Paramore To Sing “Misery Business” In San Francisco

Stephen Curry, the greatest shooter in NBA history, has been making some strange ventures into the music world as of late. Last week, Curry popped up in a music video from Houston cult-rapper Tobe Nwigwe, lip-syncing Nwigwe lines that were written from Curry’s perspective. (I initially thought that Curry had been rapping for real, but it turns out that he had not.) And last night, Curry popped up in San Francisco, his adapted hometown, to sing “Misery Business” with Paramore.

Right now, Paramore are in the midst of a long arena tour, and they’ve been joined by surprise guests like Lil Uzi Vert and Billie Eilish. At Paramore shows, Hayley Williams typically pulls a fan out of the audience to sing the bridge from “Misery Business,” the band’s 2007 breakout hit. Last night, that fan was Steph Curry, and he didn’t come from the crowd.

Paramore’s show was at San Francisco’s Chase Center, which is the home arena for Curry’s Golden State Warriors; Curry is no stranger to being in Bay Area arenas while confetti rains down from the ceiling. Before the big moment, Hayley Williams told the crowd, “From the moment that Steph gets the mic, this is no longer a Paramore show! This is a Steph Curry show, all right?” Curry then sang the “Misery Business” bridge, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t lip-syncing this time. The delivery was a little pitchy, but the enthusiasm was there, and it’s fun to watch him jumping around onstage with the band.

Also worth noting: The 6’2″ Steph Curry is tiny for an NBA player, but you put him next to Hayley Williams, and suddenly he’s André The Giant. Watch a few different fan videos of the Steph Curry/Paramore “Misery Business” below.


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