The Callous Daoboys – “Waco Jesus”

The Callous Daoboys – “Waco Jesus”

Last year, Atlanta’s Callous Daoboys released Celebrity Therapist, a wild, adventurous album of moth-damaged metalcore and scremo. In its frantic, giddy, expressiveness, the record sounded less like a product of the present-day post-hardcore underground, as fertile as that world can be, and more like the kind of thing that an experimental ’90s band like Mr. Bungle might make if its members were young today. This fall, the Callous Daoboys will follow that album with God Smiles On The Callous Daoboys, a new EP that promises to be just as fiery and creative.

God Smiles On The Callous Daoboys is just three tracks long, but if first single “Waco Jesus” is any indication, those three songs will be a bumpy ride. “Waco Jesus” swings from vein-throbbing cybergrind to gothed-out mall-metal and back again. Bits and pieces of the song sound like Slipknot or Life Of Agony or the Blood Brothers, but the whole song sounds like nothing and nobody. It barely even sounds like the Callous Daoboys.

Here’s what singer Carson Pace says about both the song and the EP:

“Waco Jesus” is about insecurity, projecting that insecurity and not doing anything to solve it regardless of how people are telling you to not be insecure. It’s about being unable to take a compliment.

In a way, it feels like the band just started, even though we’ve been chipping away at it for the last six years. We want to be the defining band of this weirdo genre-swapping heavy music, where you can’t put it under an umbrella. I think what’s cool about it is it’s just immediately like, “Hey, fuck you, this is the Callous Daoboys!”

Below, check out “Waco Jesus” and the tracklist for God Smiles On The Callous Daoboys.

01 “Pushing The Pink Envelope”
02 “Waco Jesus”
03 “Designer Shroud Of Turin” (Feat. pulses.)

God Smiles On The Callous Daoboys is out 10/20 on MNRK Heavy/Modern Static Records.

Nick Karp

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