Tuscadero Announce First Show In Nine Years Opening For Reunited Velocity Girl

Tuscadero Announce First Show In Nine Years Opening For Reunited Velocity Girl

Last weekend, the great Washington, DC fuzz-pop band Velocity Girl got back together and played their first show in 21 years. Velocity Girl made their grand return at the 30th-anniversary celebration for the Black Cat, the venerable DC venue that served as their homebase. Later this year, Velocity Girl will come back and play another show at the Black Cat, and another beloved DC indie-pop band will get back together to join them. Tuscadero’s back, baby!

People don’t bring up Tuscadero’s name nearly often enough. The band, named after Suzi Quatro’s Happy Days character, got together in 1993, and they made uptempo and extremely catchy indie-pop jams with some of the most relatable lyrics I’d ever heard. On “Nancy Drew Books,” Tuscadero sang about getting mad at parents for throwing out their childhood treasures. On “Dime A Dozen,” they lashed out at an ex with the line “I bet your dad married his first cousin.” WHFS, the DC alt-rock station, had a Sunday-night indie rock show called Now Hear This, and I used to listen to that show every week just to hear Tuscadero and also Railroad Jerk, since I had no idea where to find their records.

There weren’t too many records to find. Tuscadero released a couple of EPs and their 1995 debut LP The Pink Album on local indie Teenbeat Records. Then they signed to Elektra and released a re-recorded version of The Pink Album; I still have my cassette copy somewhere. They came out with another Elektra album, 1998’s My Way Or The Highway, before the label dropped them and the band broke up. Tuscadero have reunited a few times over the years, but they haven’t played a show since 2014. That’s about to change. On Instagram today, a couple of member of Velocity Girl and Tuscadeo posted an Instagram video announcing that the two bands will play the Black Cat together 12/2.

As long as all the great DC indie-pop bands of the ’90s are getting back together, could we maybe get a Rondelles reunion?

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