Ty Segall – “Eggman”

Ty Segall – “Eggman”

Last month, Ty Segall released a new single, “Void,” accompanied by the announcement of a North American tour that will kick off next year. Today, Segall is back with another track, “Eggman,’ which comes with a video of him trying to eat a whole lot of eggs.

Segall wrote the track with his wife and the C.I.A. bandmate Denée, and it’s wry and twisted. “Hey! Do you hear what I say? Would you look at your face?” he sings on it. “Your mouth’s agape and caked with eggs/ Hey, I’m talking to you, do you know what you do?/ You sit and rot your mind with thought.”

Watch and listen below.

“Eggman” is out now via Drag City.

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