KC Rae – “Parking Lot”

KC Rae – “Parking Lot”

This past spring, Now, Now’s KC Dalager released her first-ever solo single under the name KC Rae, “Blockbuster,” and she followed that up a couple months later with “Bathroom Floor.” Today, she’s announcing her debut full-length album, Think I’m Gonna Die, which will be out in November.

Along with the announcement comes another single, “Parking Lot,” also the closing track on the album. It’s an arresting, yearning song that snaps into jagged focus at the very end with a rousing, electrified conclusion: “I let it kill me for a lifetime/ I gave everyone my power/ You left me hanging on a landline/ I let you crush me to a powder/ The earth remains when I land/ Back where it began.”

“‘Parking Lot’ is about the feeling of being held captive by someone else’s rage,” KC Rae said in a statement. “Then the song concludes with the realization that I can take my power back… I’m becoming cognizant of a greater process in motion, that we are always going to land where we were meant to land and for me, that tends to be back where I started, but with a new and deeper awareness.”

Listen below.

01 “Happy”
02 “Bathroom Floor”
03 “Birthday”
04 “Shame”
05 “Don’t Make Me Laugh”
06 “Blockbuster”
07 “10 Minutes”
08 “Hymn”
09 “Parking Lot”

Think I’m Gonna Die is out 11/10.

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