Kid Cudi Releases Terrible Star Trek Song “Heaven’s Galaxy”

Kid Cudi Releases Terrible Star Trek Song “Heaven’s Galaxy”

Kid Cudi is enough of a sci-fi head that he called his first album Man On The Moon, and he claims to be a big Star Trek fan. That fandom has led, as celebrity fandoms often do, to corporate partnership. Last month, Cudi announced that he’d become a new Star Trek brand ambassador, or something. The Cudi/Trek connection will include a “Fortnite gaming experience,” whatever that might mean, and a Star Trek x Kid Cudi booth at the New York Comic-Con, which starts today. Also today, we get the release of Kid Cudi’s new Star Trek-inspired song “Heaven’s Galaxy.”

Sadly, “Heaven’s Galaxy” does not involved Kid Cudi rapping over the OG Star Trek theme or the theme for The Next Generation, both of which go hard. He doesn’t rap in Klingon, either. Instead, Cudi’s new song “Heaven’s Galaxy” is an unbelievably boring six-minute dirge, with Cudi moaning vaguely Trek-related lyrics over a generic instrumental from longtime collaborator Dot Da Genius: “Oh! Through the galaxies, look for light! Take the journey, y’all! You will find! In the darkest times, look for light!” Cudi really halfassed this one. If you like, you can hear it below.

The Cudi/Trek crossover also apparently involves a “gaming collaboration” called Star Trek x Kid Cudi: Mirror Mayhem. According to a press release, players team up with Cudi’s character Captain Skyles “on a mission to uncover the source of a sonic anomaly that threatens the peaceful planet Vada.” In the game, Cudi supposedly performs “Heaven’s Galaxy” and tracks from his forthcoming album Insano. I have enjoyed lots of things related to both Star Trek and Kid Cudi in the past, but all of this makes me feel like the Borg cannot assimilate our society quickly enough.

Meanwhile Cudi’s new album INSANO, out next year, will have Travis Scott, Lil Yachty, Pusha T, A$AP Rocky, and Young Thug.

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