Infant Island – “Dayvan Cowboy” (Boards Of Canada Cover)

Infant Island – “Dayvan Cowboy” (Boards Of Canada Cover)

It’s been more than three years since the great Virginia screamo band Infant Island released their epic LP Beneath. There’s a new Infant Island album on the way, and I’ve heard an early version of it. (Guitarist Alexander Rudenshiold is a friend.) In the meantime, the members of Infant Island have stayed busy with side projects. Earlier this year, they released “Aurora,” the pulverizing closing track from the massive compilation Balladeers, Redefined. Today, Infant Island have released another track that appears as the last song on a screamo compilation. This time, however, it’s a Boards Of Canada cover.

The haunted instrumental “Dayvan Cowboy” originally appeared on Scottish duo Boards Of Canada’s 2005 album The Campfire Headphase. Like most BOC tracks, it’s a hazy, bittersweet track that sounds like a half-remembered childhood dream. With their version, Infant Island have tapped into the swirling melody of the original, adding some murky metallic heft. It sounds cool as hell.

Infant Island’s version of “Dayvan Cowboy” closes out the new all-covers compilation Grave Neighbors Volume 7. Every Halloween, the indie label Middle-Man releases another Grave Neighbors comp, and all of them feature underground screamo bands playing covers. The latest has Dunebuggy covering Pixies, Middling taking on Touché Amoré, and Buried In Coal remaking a Misfits classic, among others. Coma Regalia, the Indiana screamo greats who released a couple of Jawbreaker covers earlier today, put their own spin on Jawbox’s “Send Down” — Jawbreaker and Jawbox covers on the same day — and they also team up with It Only Ends Once for a version of Temple Of The Dog’s “Hunger Strike.” Even amidst all that competition, Infant Island stand out. Below, listen to their version of “Dayvan Cowboy” and the Boards Of Canada original.

While you’re at it, stream the entire Grave Neighbors Volume 7 compilation below.

Grave Neighbors Volume 7 is out now on Middle-Man Records.

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