Kyra Sedgwick Proves She’s Not A Swiftie On Celebrity Jeopardy!

Kyra Sedgwick Proves She’s Not A Swiftie On Celebrity Jeopardy!

Taylor Swift might be TIME‘s Person Of The Year, but that doesn’t mean that screen star Kyra Sedgwick can successfully name any of her songs. Last night’s episode of the tremendously entertaining quiz-show variant Celebrity Jeopardy! featured a Double Jeopardy category called Also A Taylor Swift Song. Pretty simple: You could get every answer right without knowing any actual Swift songs, but every correct response also shared a title with a Taylor track. But the Jeopardy! contestants avoided that category until they had no other options, and then Sedgwick proceeded to tank the category in impressive fashion.

Kyra Sedgwick might’ve spent seven seasons starring in The Closer, but she wasn’t closing out anything in that Taylor category. Amanda Seales and eventual winner Mo Rocca both got one Taylor question right, but Sedgwick buzzed in on three different attempts and managed to get all of them wrong. Almost astonishingly, she responded to a prompt about the George Washington Bridge with the title of a Rihanna song, and it’s not even the Rihanna song that Taylor Swift ghost-wrote. Truly amazing. She made great I-have-no-idea faces, too.

By all appearances, Taylor Swift is pretty popular in Kyra Sedgwick’s household. Last year, Sedgwick’s husband Kevin Bacon and their daughter Sosie posted a video of themselves covering “Anti-Hero.” On Instagram earlier this year, Kevin and Kyra danced to “Karma” as a way of protesting one of those drag bans. A couple of months ago, Kevin named Taylor Swift as his dream musical collaborator, which seems ambitious. But Celebrity Jeopardy! told a different story. Watch Kyra Sedgwick fumble the bag below.

I need to get famous enough to be a Celebrity Jeopardy! contestant. I don’t think I’m smart enough to do well on regular Jeopardy!, but the celebrities? I would truck these fools.

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