Grimes Unveils Grok, An AI Children’s Toy Unrelated To Elon Musk’s Grok

Grimes Unveils Grok, An AI Children’s Toy Unrelated To Elon Musk’s Grok

One of the most recent products that Elon Musk is pushing on the world is Grok, an “anti-woke” chatbot for users of the social network that most of us still call Twitter. Grimes, currently in a custody battle with Musk over their three children, also has a new AI product called Grok, but hers apparently doesn’t have anything to do with his. Instead, it’s a toy for kids.

The Washington Post reports that Grimes is “an investor in and advisor to” Curio, a new startup that’s partnering with Open AI to develop a line of AI-powered plush toys. The characters Grok, Gabbo, and Grem are interactive little soft guys. The Post says that the toy’s makers promise that they’ll be “capable of long-running fully interactive conversation, allowing a child to view it almost as a peer or friend.” That’s terribly depressing, on an existential level! Grok is the one shaped like a rocket, and Curio apparently owns the copyright on the word.

The Curio toys come with an app that’ll give parents transcripts of all their conversations with kids, and parents will also be able to keep them from discussing some topics and encouraging others. The founders of Curio say that the toys were developed with Grimes’ kids in mind, and Grimes will provide the toys’ voice. In a video that Grimes posted on Twitter today, Grimes says, “As a parent, I obviously don’t like kids [something] screens, and I’m really busy, so we’ve created some AI toys.” She also gets Grok to say how rockets are made.

You can pre-order a beta edition of Grok for $99, which is a lot cheaper than I expected.

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