Post Malone’s WWE 2K24 Soundtrack Has Grimes, Yeat, Militarie Gun, Tyler Childers, & More

Post Malone’s WWE 2K24 Soundtrack Has Grimes, Yeat, Militarie Gun, Tyler Childers, & More

If you pay any attention to pro-wrestling news, then you know that WWE has been going through, uh, interesting times lately. Nevertheless, the sports-entertainment machine rolls on. The recent convulsions have had an effect on the release of the forthcoming WWE 2K24 video game, as veteran monster Brock Lesnar, embroiled in Vince McMahon’s recent sex-abuse scandals, has been cut from the game’s promotional art. But the game is still scheduled to drop next month, and Post Malone is handling the soundtrack.

IGN reports that Post Malone is curating the WWE 2K24 soundtrack and that he’ll also be a playable character in the game — or, at least, in a purchasable DLC pack that’ll come out some time after the game’s release. Post Malone has long been a big wrestling fan. He might not be willing to wrestle actual matches, like his peer Bad Bunny, but at least his digital avatar will. And Post Malone’s soundtrack for the game is way more interesting than I would’ve expected. It’ll feature his own songs “Laugh It Off” and “Chemical,” and it’ll also have some real leftfield choices.

From the looks of things, the WWE 2K24 soundtrack will reflect one person’s idiosyncratic tastes, and those tastes are pretty good. The game has modern classics like Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” and Grimes’ “Genesis.” It’s also got hardcore (Turnstile, Militarie Gun, Speed), outsider country (Tyler Childers, Colter Wall), and futuristic freakout music (Yeat, 100 gecs, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs). The songs aren’t new, but the game will have a better soundtrack than actual WWE television, which is still largely stuck on some ’00s post-grunge shit. It’s fun to do the “whoa” thing with Cody Rhodes’ entrance music, but that song is ass.

WWE 2K24 is out 3/5.

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