Earth Flower (Ruth Garbus, Sam Gendel, & Philippe Melanson) – “Nature’s Piano”

Earth Flower (Ruth Garbus, Sam Gendel, & Philippe Melanson) – “Nature’s Piano”

New supergroup alert! Vermont musician Ruth Garbus has been active as a solo artist for a while, and they released the album Alive People last year. Meanwhile, the LA-based musician Sam Gendel has done a lot of work both inside and outside the jazz world, releasing albums like 2022’s Superstore and collaborating with people like Vampire Weekend. Toronto drummer and percussionist Philippe Melanson has done a lot of work with Gendel, and he’s also played on records with people like the Weather Station, Bernice, Martha Wainwright, and US Girls. Now, the three of them have a band together.

Ruth Garbus, Sam Gendel, and Philippe Melanson have joined forces to form a new trio called Earth Flower, and their self-titled debut album is coming out in a couple of weeks. First single “Nature’s Piano” is a lovely, spacey piece of music. It’s essentially a singer-songwriter record, but it’s full of strange, jazz-informed percussive tics and gasps. In the track, you can hear musicians from different backgrounds exploring and finding common ground together. If you liked Beth Orton’s 2022 album Weather Alive, I bet you’ll like this, too. Check out “Nature’s Piano” below.

Earth Flower is out 3/15.

Marcella Cytrynowicz

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