Watch The Smile Play New Songs “Don’t Get Me Started,” “Instant Psalm,” & “Zero Sum”

Watch The Smile Play New Songs “Don’t Get Me Started,” “Instant Psalm,” & “Zero Sum”

Earlier this year, The Smile released their second album, Wall Of Eyes, though they were playing songs from it live long before that, workshopping new ones from the road. And it looks like the supergroup — made up of Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner — are not slowing down. At their Wall Of Eyes Tour opener, they’ve been playing the new/unreleased songs “Instant Psalm,” “Zero Sum,” and “Don’t Get Me Started.” The first two debuted at the tour kickoff in Dublin on March 7, and the latter was played first in Glasgow last Wednesday.

The best video of “Don’t Get Me Started” so far comes from the Birmingham show, though in the video below you’ll also see Yorke tell an audience member to “shut the fuck up” and give him the middle finger during the song’s intro. (At the end of that set, according to, he told the fan to “shut up for five minutes” during the intro to “You Know Me!”). Here’s some video:

Here’s “Instant Palm” from the Amsterdam show:

And “Zero Sum” from London:

In other not-new-Radiohead-album news, Colin Greenwood has a photo book on the way and Phil Selway joined Ed O’Brien at London’s the Church Studios on new EOB music.

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