Watch Bruce Springsteen Star On Curb Your Enthusiasm

Watch Bruce Springsteen Star On Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm is in the midst of its final season, and Bruce Springsteen has been surprisingly involved.

In the season’s second episode, the Boss had a cameo. On a fake MSNBC broadcast, he expressed his admiration for Larry David after David was arrested for supplying Leon’s Auntie Rae with a bottle of water while she waited to vote, in violation of an unfortunately real provision in Georgia’s Election Integrity Act.

In this past Sunday’s episode, the second to last ever for the show, Springsteen had a larger part. Because he was so inspired by David’s accidental act of civil disobedience, he made his way to Jeff and Susie’s house to share a meal with the three of them. This led to revelations such as Springsteen admitting he’d eat at a restaurant with a health grade of B and the admission that he once passed over Don Henley’s demo tape and now feels awkward about interacting with the Eagle. There was also a mixup with Springsteen and David’s water glasses that led to David giving Springsteen COVID.

Check out some of Springsteen’s performance below.

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