Wisconsin’s Rock Fest Announces Designated Moshing Zone, No Hardcore Dancing

Wisconsin’s Rock Fest Announces Designated Moshing Zone, No Hardcore Dancing

Cadott, Wisconsin’s venerable Rock Fest historically supplies what it promises: a whole lotta hard rock with the occasional wild card like Ice Cube. What it traditionally (perhaps counterintuitively) has not allowed is physically rocking out to all those rock bands. Up until this year, Rock Fest has been a mosh-free environment. Check out the strong language from last year’s policies:

ROCK FEST IS A NON-MOSHING FESTIVAL. No moshing, Death Walls, or any other forms of moshing – security enforces this policy and failure to comply with warnings will result in wristband removal and removal from the festival grounds. Although we understand moshing is part of the rock music culture, the safety of our fans is priority.

Those who object to Rock Fest’s anti-moshing stance have reason to rejoice this week. Monday, the festival announced it will introduce moshing zones at this year’s event — but only at the Budweiser Boneyard stage! And please, no hardcore dancing or flail moshing, even in the designated violence zones. This innovative pilot program was revealed on April Fool’s Day, but the festival’s FAQ page confirms it’s real. Here’s what Rock Fest had to say about it:

In the past, we’ve held back on moshing at Rock Fest to ensure everyone’s safety, which is our top priority. We know, however, that moshing is a vital part of rockers’ release and metal experience for many of you. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce a moshing area at the Budweiser Boneyard stage as a pilot program. This allows us to embrace the energy of moshing while maintaining a safe environment for all festival-goers. We’re setting up designated zones for both moshers and non-moshers, ensuring everyone can still enjoy the show up close. Please note, for everyone’s safety, hardcore dancing styles or flail moshing will not be permitted. Let’s rock responsibly, keep an eye out for our brothers and sisters, and make this a memorable addition to Rock Fest 2024!

This year’s Rock Fest lineup is headlined by Jelly Roll, Shinedown, and Thirty Seconds To Mars. It’s going down July 18-20 in Cadott, WI. The fest also announced Monday that it is holding a daily themed costume contest. Unlike moshing, costumes are allowed everywhere on the festival grounds.

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