Watch Mk.gee Make A Truly Impressive Late-Night Debut On Kimmel

Watch Mk.gee Make A Truly Impressive Late-Night Debut On Kimmel

Over the last few months, the Los Angeles musician Michael Gordon, who records as Mk.Gee, has been making a real name for himself. Mk.Gee makes misty, murky, reverb laden indie-pop that’s with serious funk and R&B overtones, and he’s drawn the attention of giants like Frank Ocean. Mk.Gee has produced for artists like Dijon and the Kid Laroi, and he released his debut album Two Star & The Dream Police earlier this year. Last night, Mk.Gee made his TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he sounded awesome.

It turns out that Mk.Gee’s name is pronounced like “McGee” and not “McG,” which is good to know. On Kimmel, Mk.Gee performed the Two Star & The Dream Police track “Are You Looking Up,” and he was backed up by Sam Gendel on saxophone and inc. no world’s Andrew Aged on guitar. The three of them blended beautifully, and Mk.Gee showed that he can sound passionately mysterious even when he’s playing live. Technically, this was only Mk.Gee’s TV debut as a solo artist, since he played guitar for Dijon on Fallon a couple of years ago, but I think we can count it. Watch it below.

Jimmy Kimmel also had another musician on last night’s show, albeit a very different one. Jon Bon Jovi sat down for an interview to promote his new Hulu documentary, and he told stories about making his on-record debut on a Star Wars Christmas album and about the time he hung out with Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee Bubbles. Watch that video below.

Two Star & The Dream Police is out now on R&R Digital.

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