Watch The Trailer For Kneecap’s Biopic Feat. Michael Fassbender

Watch The Trailer For Kneecap’s Biopic Feat. Michael Fassbender

It’s apparently weird music biopic news day here at Stereogum! The leads have reportedly been cast for the four different upcoming Beatles movies! Pharrell’s animated Lego biopic has a trailer! And now Kneecap, the Belfast rap trio who only just started getting any attention over here, have their own movie, too! And it’s got a major movie star in it!

Kneecap, the politically driven group who rap in both English and in the Irish language, are getting ready to release their new album Fine Art next week, and they spoke to Stereogum about it recently. But Fine Art won’t be the highest-profile Kneecap release of the year. In a forthcoming film that’s also called Kneecap, the members of Kneecap tell the story about how they arrived at their own sound in 2019.

All three members of Kneecap co-wrote the new film with British director Rich Peppiatt, and they all play themselves. They share the screen with big-deal movie star Michael Fassbender, whose mother came from Northern Ireland and who largely grew up in Ireland. (He was born in Germany, his father’s homeland.) Fassbender plays the father of Kneecap members Mo Chara and Móglaí Bap. He’s not the lead of the film, but his role isn’t just a cameo, either. The picture debuted at Sundance earlier this year, and it looks like it’s got a lot of energy working for it. Check out the trailer below.

Kneecap opens 8/8 in Ireland and 8/23 in the UK. It’ll reportedly come to America later this year. Fine Art is out 6/14 on Heavenly. Read our Kneecap interview here.

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