Watch Iggy Pop Sing Stooges Songs For The First Time In 11 Years With Nick Zinner, Matt Sweeney, & More

Watch Iggy Pop Sing Stooges Songs For The First Time In 11 Years With Nick Zinner, Matt Sweeney, & More

In 2009, Iggy Pop reunited with some of the surviving members of the Stooges, his classic proto-punk band. They toured heavily, released a couple more albums, and went into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. But the reunion couldn’t keep going, since members of the band — Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Steve Mackay — kept dying. Now, Iggy Pop and guitarist James Williamson are the only Stooges left alive. The band hasn’t played live since 2013. Before last weekend’s No Values fest, Iggy Pop hadn’t performed some of the best-known Stooges songs since 2016. That changed on Saturday, when Iggy Pop and an all-star backup band played a mostly-Stooges set in California.

On Saturday, Iggy Pop was high up on the bill at No Values, the punk-centric Goldenvoice festival in Pomona. (The only names above his on the poster were the headliners, the Misfits and Social Distortion.) This was a one-off set for Iggy Pop — his first of the year, and his first since he got done touring with the band that he used to record his 2023 album Every Loser. This time, he had a different all-star backing band that included Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner, Chavez frontman and freelance guitar hero Matt Sweeney, the Armed’s Uriah Hackney, Las Nubes leader Ale Campos, multi-instrumentalists Joan As Police Woman and Pam Amsterdam, and jazz trombonist Corey D. King.

At No Values, Iggy Pop only sang two of his songs, and both are classics: “Lust For Life” and “The Passenger.” The rest of the bill was given over entirely to Stooges tracks, including a few, like “1970” and “I Got A Right,” that Pop hadn’t performed at his solo shows in decades. Iggy Pop is 77, and he continues to look ageless. Nick Zinner posted a bunch of videos from the set on Instagram, and you can see those clips here. Below, check out the setlist and fan footage of “1970” and “I Got A Right.”

01 “TV Eye”
02 “Raw Power”
03 “I Got A Right”
04 “Gimme Danger”
05 “The Passenger”
06 “Lust For Life”
07 “Death Trip”
08 “Loose”
09 “I Wanna Be Your Dog”
10 “Search And Destroy”
11 “Down On The Street”
12 “1970”

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