And We Are Telling You About SNL

Along with rebellious meatballs, this weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured The Shins, whose performance of “Phantom Limb” and a superdragged out “New Slang” didn’t do anything to change our minds about their live abilities. But Jake Gyllenhaal doing his best Jennifer Hudson doing her best Jennifer Holiday on “And I Am Telling You”? That changed our mind about his falsetto abilities.

Despite knowing every little thing about Dreamgirls (Jennifer Holiday is pissed about not being involved! Beyoncé got snubbed for a Best Original Song Oscar!), we still haven’t seen it. Mistake? Does Hudson really steal the film just based on that one song? The idea of Eddie Murphy turning in a statue-worthy turn is promising; he’s still paying off his debt to society for his solo career — one that Simon Cowell was too intimidated to shut down when he had the chance. Which makes Simon an accomplice “Party All The Time.”