Antony Loves “Aggro-Sincerity,” Does Not Love Sean Penn In Milk

NY Mag has a good profile on Antony “The Johnson” Hegarty, paving the way for the release of his heavily rotated and rather excellent upcoming album The Crying Light. In it you’ll find interesting self-descriptors of his aesthetic (“heavy sincere-ism, and aggro-sincerity, and non-cynicism, which is kind of more risky”) and the new album’s focus (“my relationship to the environment and the elements. The natural world.”), and also the new pullquote that will grace the cover of the Milk DVD release:

“It’s like blackface to me … it’s a continuing Hollywood minstrel show, co-opting queer stories and perversely building up the careers of these heterosexual bastards with the plumage of effeminacies, that they can wear this plumage of effeminacies without having to really be accountable”

He should never see Tropic Thunder, and probably not expect a seat in the Dirty Hands Caravan anytime soon. I imagine Antony would vote Mickey Rourke over Sean Penn in the Oscar race, which I would too because The Wrestler is so great, and also film-award season could use more acceptance speeches featuring shout outs to Axl Rose. Also there’s that bit about Rourke calling Penn a homophobe and an “average” actor, but I don’t know how Antony comes down on that one.

As far as the music goes, here’s a taste of the album we’re so excited about:

Antony & The Johnsons – “Another World” (MP3)

That comes from The Crying Light, which is out in the UK 1/19 via Rough Trade and the following day in the States via Secretly Canadian.

UPDATE: Antony apologizes to Sean Penn.