Apple To Buy The Rutles Catalogue?

Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced a joint press conference with EMI in London town, and speculation ran rampant from that point on. Finally getting that Beatles catalogue on iTunes? Even NYT can’t resist reporting the rumors:

Theories ranged from a Yellow Submarine iPod factory-filled with Beatles music to a more radical shift toward selling digital music without copy protection.

Or maybe Apple’s obtained rights to sell footage of the Beatles’ long-lost appearance on Doctor Who in ’65. But if it is just iTunes selling Fab Four files … at this point who gives a fuck? We all have the Beatles catalogue. Many of us paid for it. Bundle it with a free video of Heather Mills dancing, though, and maybe they’re onto something.

Tune in to the conference at 8AM EST (in fifteen minutes!) right here.

UPDATE: Score one for Jobs. EMI announces that it “is launching DRM-free superior quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire and that Apple’s iTunes Store will be the first online music store to sell EMI’s new downloads.” Steve should write letters more often.

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