New Volcano Choir Video – “Island, Is”

There’s a lot you could say about Justin Bon Ivernon’s winning collaboration with his experimental statesmates of Collections Of Colonies Of Bees — how tender and affecting his voice can be whether being a backwoods-folkie sad sack or fronting a cut-and-pasted sample-and-loop exploration and the promise it shows for a versatile Vernon career, let alone the hefty merits of Volcano Choir’s present effort Unmap, etc. By contrast though, there’s relatively few threads to pull for lead single “Island, IS“‘s Michinori Saigo-directed video: colored light squares illuminate a bridge in I’m guessing Wisconsin Japan in time with the track’s deconstructed syncopation, and the net effect is streamlined, subtle, but essentially perfect.

(via P4K)

Volcano Choir – “Island, IS” (MP3)

Unmap is out via Jagjaguwar.