so, how exactly is this worse than much of the pop you cover here?
best part is this guy's Sea and Cake lovin' screenname, slightly edging out the judicious use of the running someone out on a rail phrase.
heard they brought in Kurt Feldman to mix it, the man with the dreampop touch. not even he could salvage things, it seems.
this would've been a killer record at ~35-40 minutes. still some good stuff going on here, but add in the album title, the series of groveling-yet-unapologetic interviews Cole has been giving, and the overwhelming vibe of this record is one of trying too hard to be cool/liked/legitimate.
"but those albums definitely helped a lot of other kids get through college." i was thinking: same with patrick pichette (google CFO), too. both looking to embrace the family life. and google is currently getting me through the undergrad years. so much coincidence, i was thinking. and then i realized. it's March 11th. 3/11. they must actually be the same person! #311truthnow
oh man, i just recently discovered Aztec Camera <3
"these are two of the defining artists of our day" sometimes all you can say is "lol"
the film analogy is lacking. i could just as easily conflate Beck, the near single-handed creator of his album, with a YouTube vlogger who performs, edits, uploads etc his witticisms and ramblings all on his own. sure, it takes a large crew to produce a worthy film, but in music, "singers" who rely on the output of producers and writers are leaning on a massive crutch (or worse, they're puppets). the difference between a Beyonce-type artist and a Beck-type artist is simple, really. Beyonce's album is the sum of her forty-odd producers' and writers' ideas. on the flip side, forty-odd Becks on one album would be what referred to as a "compilation."
"cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust.” that's quite the Icelandic Viking bedtime story you've been reading, Moz.
why watch this when you can just watch a few minutes of tv commercials instead?
i have a nu-metal past, simply because it was a dominant "alternative" rock force in my preteen and early teenage years. as a budding musician, i was very concerned with the instrumentation and musicianship of the genre; nothing beats P.O.D.'s Truby-era guitar work, for example. overall, the genre was lackluster and corporate-driven, and miserable frontmen like Durst, with their miserable lyricism drove me away from many of the genre's mainstays. but the more experimental guitar work Wes exhibited on some songs kept me interested, especially on "Cambodia." hats off to Wes for somehow still influencing my taste from the context of his incredibly lousy and laughable band :D great interview, too!
anyone who's played Emogame knows what Durst does with ponies and the like...
hell, Jonathan Swift has more "sick beats" than this kid
psh my comment wasn't *that* good
Stereogum wants you to know that Spencer Elden wants you to know that he was the baby on the cover of Nevermind. Like, really really badly.
we can talk about the dope new Swings release!
i'm more concerned with whether there'll be more "colored" vinyl, seeing as the clear wax sold out in like 2 hours… thoughts?
putting the new DIIV record (granted they can get past all the bad vibes) ahead of the new Wild Nothing record? like, i figure this is an arbitrary list, but that's pretty sad! Wild Nothing is leagues ahead of anything DIIV's ever done.
but… using google translate got me through three semesters of college arabic ;)
aw man, i was just about to go to throw Oshin in my 'phones and hit up Panda Express… what a lousy start to my day
glad the embed has an explicit language warning – saved me some serious and unexpected harm.
Tough Love, by Forth Wanderers. The magic of NJ DIY and Bandcamp!
who needs to get off so the Gum shuts up about this? that's what i'm more concerned about.
MM has a new release coming up, something I didn't know until this video was making the rounds. but lemme get this straight: you think someone is going out of their way to leak an edited, polished video to somehow chip away at MM's *sparkling* reputation and cut into his album sales or something? seems much simpler and more sensible than the idea that, well, it's a marketing tactic in line with MM's shock-value dependent career...
American Music Awards – i'm not really feeling the "american" or "music" bit of this thing, but i'm happy they get awards. i get the odd award every now and again, and it feels nice. i'm sure they feel similar.
it's much more about his persona – he can handle a crowd like no other. saw him at a coffee shop packed to the gills, and students were almost moshing in the crowded space. also saw his set at a mid-size European festival, and even though the kids there didn't know his stuff, they got into it super fast. so it's about his showmanship and the fact that they turn the volume up louder than you might listen to in 'phones.
"but his antics never seemed like the sort of thing that would lead to a run-in with the law" – except for occasional indecent exposure, yeah, sure.
most of the tabs i've glanced at there have significant errors, though they often get the tunings right. saves a bit of time, but you're best off playing by ear after you've figured out the tuning.
considering MØ is such an intense and authentic performer, this is a real shame. the association with this lesser Iggy of the music world probably could've gone much worse than being embarrassed on SNL.
Can't we just call them entertainers instead? They're not making art, they're making money.
so wait, is his country output worse than his staind output? can that question even be answered? this article leaves me hanging :(((
"I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control." Chris Brown, meet Malthus.
you'd just throw snowballs instead amirite?
generous :P you can get a new copy for less than that
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