May Jailer - Sirens

It’s amazing that stuff like this can slip through the cracks even now, but word around the internet campfire this morning is that some unspecified amount of time ago, Lana Del Rey recorded an album called Sirens under the name May Jailer. This would predate the soon-to-be-reissued debut album Lana Del Rey A.K.A. Lizzy Grant, and it would mean Sirens is, actually, Del Rey’s first album. I should stress that none of this has been officially confirmed anywhere, but the tracks from Sirens are out there now, and if they aren’t LDR, they’re a pretty amazing fake.

The songs on Sirens find LDR (or a gifted imposter) singing tremulously over acoustic guitars, showing plenty of the languid mystique that would later come to define her but also displaying a different sort of fragile Lee Hazlewood narco-haze vibe. On first listen, I like it! Listen to some songs below.

(via @disco_naivete)

Hear the rest of the songs here, and hurry up before somebody takes the streams down.

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  1. thank gawd Lizzy Del Jailor is back in the news…

  2. Landa del Rey and Universal Music Group can eat my shorts

  3. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that she just likes recording a lot of music quickly, and this is her way of putting it all out with out pulling a Lil B.

  4. This is a Lana, excuse me, Elizabeth Grant, I can get into. Even if the guitar part is identical on each track.

  5. She was awesome in Moonrise Kingdom!

  6. If you play all 4 at once, it will summon demons. Seriously, try it.

  7. I LITERALLY understand fuckin NOTHING in this POST. KEEPING up with your kids AND YOUR music these days is A FUCKIN chore. SO MANY backstories! BUT I guess her FACE IS kind of pretty? EVEN IF IT looks like HER SOUL was just fuckin DEMENTOR’D.

  8. Boy, has this girl been striving for fame…

  9. “May Jailer” sounds like a name my sister would have given one of her dolls back when she was two and not quite comfortable with the ins and outs of the whole naming thing. “Strainy” was another.

  10. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  11. Hey! Look how totally different she looks.

    Oh wait… no she doesn’t.

    • I was going to say she actually looks pretty here, whereas I’ve never found her look in any of the other LDR photos to be attractive. Here she looks less botoxed, less plastic surgeried, less made up, something.

      • We can say anything we want about Lana Del Rey, but absolutely no one is going to believe you don’t find her attractive. Hot might be her biggest talent.

      • I don’t believe she’s had any botox or plastic surgery. She looks exactly the same to me now other than having a different hair color, different makeup and her eyebrows are done more professionally.

        Clearly she had some collagen injections in her lips at some point and for whatever reason that led a large number of people on a “lets hate LDR because she’s had plastic surgery!” crusade. I’ve looked at a lot of pictured and I just don’t see it. She’s a young, good looking woman – unfortunately, that alone is enough to make people spread hate these days.

  12. If at first you don’t succeed, yada yada yada…

  13. It’s easy to record an album, but it’s difficult to release it. She could had posted this tracks under this name, it’s internet after all a lot of people post their stuff online. Too much trolls for a girl who makes beatiful songs.

  14. STILL don’t give a shit about this person. Look, she certainly makes for some nice eye candy, and that Videogames song was…neat. But c’mon. Let’s get back to talking about Japandroids or something.

  15. As sacrilegious as it may be to some (if we’re still in THAT time line,) there were some parts of “Pride” when she sounded a lot like Tori Amos. That said, I think that she can sing these songs live better than her current stuff since it seems like she can control her higher register better than her lower register.

  16. yeah? these songs still suck

  17. These have already all been taken down, or at least that’s what it’s looking like on Youtube. Can anything old of her’s stay up for longer than a day?

  18. This is some Lilith Fair circa 1997 / Dawson’s Creek season 1 shit.

  19. Where is the dislike button?

  20. Lana Del Rey, May Jailer, Lizzy Grant . . . We’ve all been duped. Why didn’t I see it before? This can only be the work of one person:

    Gene Parmesan

  21. Buttz Fitzpatrick is still far and away her best surname

  22. Llama del Lame.

    • What did llamas ever do to you? I mean, I know they can spit and all. But I’m not sure that makes it okay for you to slander and defame them on the internet when they aren’t even here to defend themselves.

  23. I honestly can’t stand this woman’s music. It’s some of the most boring stuff I’ve heard in awhile. :-( But everybody’s got their own taste and all that.

    • I’m amazed by how much everyone seems to care about Lana Del Rey, whether they LOVE her or HATE her. I don’t think I have reacted so indifferently to a popular musician in a very long time. I am usually pretty good at effortlessly soaking up tidbits of pop culture even if I’m not interested in it, but somehow, until this very moment when I looked her up on Wikipedia, I missed the fact that Lana Del Rey is American.

  24. lana del rey ..? la …na… del…. hey! excuse me guys, but who are lana del rey??

  25. I like how she has the “i ran away from home and now i bang dudes for pharmies…please help” kind of look on her face.

  26. You’re not thinking of her as the amazing character she is. She could easily be the protagonist of an awesome dark film about stardom, this stuff is so incredible awesome.

  27. I’m not sure it’s her you know… if it is then her voice has changed a lot. Either that or this is her real voice and Lana Del Rey’s is all put on.

    As for the songs.. the guitar riffs do all sound the same. Not very impressive stuff.

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