Black Lips 2014

When we heard about Black Lips’ rootsy new Patrick-Carney-assisted LP Underneath The Rainbow, we were promised a song called “Boys In The Wood” (pun) about “doing bathtub drugs and drinking bathtub gin.” That song is here, and it lives up to the hype in that it indeed sounds like Black Lips doing roots rock. Trebly guitars that would normally buzz through surf rock riffs now snipe at you with twangy string-bending panache; gang vocals once employed for garage revelry are reframed as gently swaying bluesy sing-alongs; horns descend on the chorus, perhaps from heaven. Drink it all in below.

Underneath The Rainbow is out 3/18/14 via Vice.

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  1. Dudes have lost their edge. Their bad boy image has felt more contrived rather than real in recent years, and as soon as I read that a Black Keys member was producing their effort, I knew it’d definitely find the Black Lips on the operating table going through with an elective castration.

    • Yeah, I definitely liked it better when they were getting banned from pretty much every club or bar they played and were making out with each other and whipping their dicks out for shock laughs. (And I mean that with zero sarcasm.) This song is enjoyable enough, but they certainly have lost the edge they used to have. I suppose I’ll reserve judgement until I hear the album, but there is simply no way in hell it could possibly stack up to the lightning rod energy and fun of We Did not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow or Good Bad Not Evil.

  2. yet another band trying to grow and try a different approach only to receive backlash for it. should they just rerecord their old records and keep pissing on each other??? gimme a break

  3. Love the Black Lips, Arabia Mountain was pretty awesome and 2011 was so long ago…

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