Arcade Fire in Philly by Eric Tsurumoto

Are Arcade Fire going to cover a region-specific song in every city they visit on tour? Is this going to be like Taylor Swift bringing out guest singers at every show? Because if so, that’s awesome. The band already covered the Constantines when they played Toronto last week, and when they visited Philadelphia last night, they tried their hand at “Motownphilly,” the 1991 single that put Boyz II Men on the map. The Arcade Fire version of the song came out extremely white, but they’re trying! Watch a video below.

Let’s all start an entirely untrue rumor that Win Butler was in that all-white group that showed up at the end of the “Motownphilly” video and then was never seen again.

[Photo by Eric Tsurumoto]

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  1. I see the coverage of all their covers and political projections pretty much every day, but has anyone been to any of their recent tour dates and can share how these concerts compare to their previous shows? Some reports I’ve read have painted portraits of arenas half curtained off due to poor ticket sales and their sound getting lost in a bigger space. A few weeks back actually, tickets were being sold at 50% off on Groupon. Not a good look. I’m hoping it doesn’t mean Coachella’s final day doesn’t end on an anti-climactic note.

    • I was at the show last night in Philly. It was fantastic (caveat being that I am not a huge AF fan, but appreciate their music). Haven’t been to any of their other shows in previous years, so can’t make the comparison. I had low expectations due to it being an arena show and not knowing if they could hold their own with that size of a venue.

      Also, no way to know if show was sold out, but it was definitely approaching capacity.

    • I saw them in Minneapolis and had the time of my life. It was my 3rd time seeing them of the 3 it was the biggest arena. I was on the GA floor and didn’t notice any issues with the sound at all (at the Target Center which is infamous for having sound issues). I think historically AF’s sound guys knows how to work any room. That being said, I can’t imagine seeing them on this tour up in the bleachers (which I believe is what the 50% tickets are for, or at least they were in MPLS). I would highly recommend seeing them to anyone, but if you are gonna be at Coachella that could suffice!

  2. I went to the concert last night in Philly – it was long overdue! I have been listening to them since 2003 when they were not very popular, and I couldn’t be happier that I finally got to see their greatness live! Probably one of the best shows I have been to in a long, long time. Their energy, artistic inclusions, and their eclectic presentation was infectious and made me feel so alive! Win and Regine are so talented, and their music is freaking awesome….! I can’t wait to see them again….some day….hopefully soon! Awesome awesome show….!

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