How To Dress Well - "Face Again" video

When a music video ends with “to be continued,” we’ve been conditioned not to believe it, but Tom Krell is the sort of person who follows up on things. Krell records as How To Dress Well, and his staggering new album “What Is This Heart?” will be along in a couple of weeks. His recent video for “Repeat Pleasure” followed a young couple through heartbreaking circumstances, and the new video, for the album track “Face Again,” follows our two heroes as they disappear into the desert. Krell himself plays some kind of mysterious hermit who may also be a healer, and Johannes Greve Muskat once again directs. It’s the second video in a trilogy, so we’re not done with these kids yet. As for the song itself, it’s sweeping inward soul music that will wreck your heart, and it’s another sign that you should be excited for this album. Check it out below.

“What Is This Heart?” is out 6/23 on Weird World.

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  1. So so so pumped for this record.

  2. oh my gosh, my anticipation is out of the roof for this record

    gonna get me feelin some type of way

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