Here's Buckcherry's Dumbass Cover Of Icona Pop's "I Love It"

Back in 2008, Buckcherry tried to game Bittorrent in order to drum up publicity for their latest stupid single. When we talked about it, we promised it would be the last time we posted about Buckcherry. We lied. Because sometimes a song comes along that’s so offensive and insanely bad that you have to share it. Something that reminds you that, even as much as you don’t really get that one album that all the blogs are talking about, there’s a whole world of shitty music that you never, ever have to experience. Enter Buckcherry’s dumb and misguided cover of “I Love It,” which premiered over at Billboard and wouldn’t have been relevant even if it were released a year ago. And because it’s Buckcherry and they’re “edgy” and “cool,” they changed the words to “Say Fuck It” and sent it through their crap-rock filter. Some early Soundcloud comments include: “this has made me so happy! what a tune” and “Buckcherry ROCKS!!!! Love this band!” The sad thing is that this will probably get listened to more times than half the music we post about. Listen below, if you dare.

I’d tell you when their new EP Fuck is coming out, but I know you don’t really want to know.

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  1. This is why we can’t have nice things

  2. buckcherry staying current by covering songs of summer past. I look forward to their ‘young folks’ cover next year.

  3. nothing says hip like finger tattoos, gaffers tape and skull rings…oh, and giving the camera the finger

  4. Also: “I’m from the 70s and you’re a crazy bitch”

  5. who’s buckcherry and why do we hate them so much? they do look like assholes

  6. I want to die.

  7. So I strapped myself in, gave myself a “Keep and open mind” pep talk, hit play and waited. I let the delicate and nuanced sounds of this cover wash over me. For 9 seconds.

    Yup, this sucks ass.

  8. this has made me so happy! what a tune

  9. Oh I’m sure 10/15 years from now some writer for this site will give the latest Buckcherry album “Album of the Week”.

  10. I’d like to hear their version of “I’m On Fire”, am I right?

  11. Was wondering when Stereogum would post a Buckcherry update. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  12. These vocals are so processed that Kraft is trying to slice them up and package them individually.

  13. What’s that AC/DC riff doing in there?

  14. Why the fuck even post this?

  15. I feel like his is to buy back our love due to Tom’s having Kix as album of the week. I wish the Buckcherry guy were singing on the Kix song because he’s a better vox than the Kix guy. I never know what terrible, sleazy songs are OK to like or not. Stereogum are not consistent. I kind of hate the Icona Pop song, probably because lyrically it was at the level of a Buckcherry song. The circle is now complete.

    • Yeah that’s what I don’t get. Like, Buckcherry are terrible, that’s a given. But it’s not like they desecrated an Arcade Fire or Spoon song. Icona Pop are just as bad as they are, just a generation later. Millennial party culture drivel.

    • “I never know what terrible, sleazy songs are OK to like or not. Stereogum are not consistent.”

      This I really don’t get. You need someone to tell you which songs are “okay” to like? If you like it, you like it – you don’t need Stereogum (or Pitchfork, or whoever) to validate it for you.

      • I kinda get what Pinko Punko is talking about. It don’t really care what I’m supposed to like or not supposed to like. I usually fall on the side of the “pretentiously approved” scale. But every now and then I’ll absolutely love something (or hate) that goes against the grain. And I always wonder “Why is this reviled? I love this”.

        Murder City Devils comes to mind. I think their album “Broken bottles……” is great on every level. And yet every critic on earth seems to hate it.

        The rules are hard to follow. LOL

  16. Buck Cherry is a shoo-in for an album of the week nomination from Stereogum ten years from now.

  17. Say what you will about Buckcherry (and yes, this cover is stupid), but their first album is still great, one of the best Guns N’ Roses albums that GN’R never made.

  18. 45 seconds. I made it 45 seconds.

  19. I am so psyched for 20 years from now when the audience for this stuff is middle aged and shells out hundreds to see a touring “Butt Rock Forever!” festival, with headliners Buckcherry and Puddle of Mudd and special appearance by a decrepit old-BB King-looking Slash.

  20. This is like the Nickelback of shitty music.

  21. That voice. It’s like someone threw Fran Drescher with strep throat into a microwave and recorded it.

  22. Did you all know that Everclear covered Death Cab’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” because they totally did do that.

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