Stereogum Hearts Menomena

Just a few months ’til the release of this Stereogum-fave’s third full-length album, and we’re frothy for it. It’ll be Menomena’s first on Barsuk and a welcome return to singing, as sophomore release Under An Hour was really just an instrumental album. And this Oregon-based trio shares those vocal duties (though led by drummer Danny Seim), while covering piano, sax, guitar, bass, drums, and glockenspiels, with the help of Deeler, their Digital Loop Recorder.

The sound is an arty one, but bars of dissonance are later met with pop, blow for blow; best to have an ear patient with thematic development. Hip-hop backbeats give way to open-hat-and-machine-gun-snare rockers, with skronk sax and jagged guitars melting into rolling pianos and sincere (and sometimes goofy) vox.

Their first record was all about versatility and exploration, but these tracks, from the Wet And Rusting EP released last month (a teaser for next year’s record), pull their disparate tendencies together in accessibly tasty treats. Don’t leave here without ‘em.

Menomena – “Wet And Rusting” (MP3)
Menomena – “Walking (MP3)

And these come from I Am The Fun Blame Monster (rearrange those letters and you get “The First Menomena Album”!).

Menomena – “The Late Great Libido” (MP3)
Menomena – “E Is Stable” (MP3)

Friend And Foe is out 1/23/07 on Barsuk.

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