Watch One-Night-Only MOR Supergroup Imagine REO SpeedDragons Play Jimmy Kimmel

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel Live revived its Mash-Up Mondays series for one night only. In the grand tradition of Wee-Z Top and Morris Day & The HAIM, the show found a way to combine two bands by forcibly mashing their names together. This time around, we got Imagine REO SpeedDragons, a grand combination of two different ages of middle-of-the-road rock music, as current-day pretenders Imagine Dragons helped ’70s eminences REO Speedwagon out on “Roll With The Changes,” the first single from their 1978 album You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish. Everyone involved looked happy to be there. REO Speedwagon were happy to be back on TV, and Imagine Dragons were happy to be playing a song better than anything they’ll ever write. Watch the performance below, and don’t worry; the drum-circle thing ends a few seconds into the song.

Man, what the fuck happened to rock music? How is a random-ass popular rock band from 40 years ago incalculably better than a random-ass popular rock band from right now?